Stereolithography(SLA) 3D Printing Applications

Wide-spread industrial applications have been realized to incorporate 3D printing/ additive manufacturing as the core technology.

FPC (Future Print Components)


Among the various 3D printing technologies, SLA or DLP is especially of interest because of  a number of attractive features including superior dimensional accuracy, versatile material choices and promising possibility of significant speed increase by 10 folds or even 100 folds. Future Print Components (FPC) was founded with a mission to contribute to the progress and promote the quality standard of stereolithography technology.

Based on a plethora of industrial experiences in photosensitive polymers, FPC is dedicated to the technical finesse in formulating photopolymer materials for seamless applications in a wide range of SLA or DLP printers. In addition to materials expertise, FPC’s technical team also consists of members coming from industry background in integration of electronics and mechanics that provides an additive advantage for finding balanced connections between materials and machines.

FPC is determined to serve the industry with top quality products and excellent support. Top quality is ensured by tireless machine testing of every batch of products manufactured. On the other hand, FPC is committed to providing quality products with an affordable price so our customers can both benefit from 3D printing in a cost-effective way and rest assured with top-notch product quality.
















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