Standard, General-Purpose Resin

Materials used in stereolithograthy process are essential both to the quality of the formed objects and to the performance of 3D printers. Optimal material selection requires detailed machine testing and matching with machine set-up parameters.

Standard photopolymer resins are formulated to provide expedient curing speed and fine structural integrity for versatile applications in a wide range of SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printing machines.


Casting Resin

Lost-wax casting is used extensively in jewelry making industry. 3D printing is superior to traditional wax model in the aspects of fine details and versatility of design variations. The challenges of photopolymer formulations used in investment casting come from maintaining dimensional stability at elevated temperatures and eliminating or minimizing ash contents after burn-out.

Casting photopolymer resins are developed through extensive analysis and verification by thermo-gravimetric testing indicating photopolymer resins are incinerated completely to afford minimal burn-out ash. Optimized material hardness also ensure negligible thermal expansion under stringent heating schedule employed in investment casting.


Casting UC-60-20180904

FLEX Resin

Acrylate polymer chemistry is known to provide versatile material properties ranging from hard and brittle to tough and elastic by changing chemical structure of monomers and oligomers used in the formulation.

FLEX resin formulation is made to provide adequate material flexibility for practical applications requiring shape deformation. Most importantly, shape deformation is achieved without compromise in quality regarding X-Y resolution and dimensional accuracy. Stretching elongation close to 200% can be achieved to provide suitable elasticity for engineering applications.

70x70x70mm lattice-FLEX Gray-20180626

Strong-Build, High Strength Resin

Inorganic powder particles are added to achieve enhanced mechanical properties such as increased hardness values and improved impact strength. In processes requiring dimensional stability under stress at elevated temperatures, STB is the material of choice to ensure desirable material properties.

High Temperature Resin is also available by using specially designed resin formulation that can withstand high-temperature conditions without showing structure deformation or loss of dimension accuracy.

Specialized, Custom-Design Resin Formulations

OEMs or private labels are welcome. Machine/materials matching can be achieved by special tuning of material's properties to fit in machine operating window.



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